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Weight Training 4/23-4/27

All 7th & 8th Grade classes will complete Maxes.  These were delayed due to Spring Break & GMAS testing.   6th Grade will continue program as listed in previous posts.

Max Week 3-26 thru 3-30

All 7th & 8th Grade Classe will be involved in maxing the 3 core lifts to end the 4 week cycle.  This includes Girl and Boy Classes.   6th Grade classes will remain on the same routine as listed for January & February.

January-February Strength & Conditioning

7th/8th Grade Unit Description: 3-Day Workout will be based upon core lift Maxes.  Bench, Squat, & Power Clean. Workouts will be 4 weeks in length with % of maxes. used.  50%,60%,70%, & 80%.  New max. will be taken on 5th week. Each class will begin with a Group Stretch followed by a timed interval run. […]

Weight Training 11/27-12/1 & 12/4-12/8

8th & 7th Grade Girls (B-Day) will be on Week 4 , 3 Day Weight Folder workouts. 6th Grade Girls will be Monday- Upper Body Focus, Wednesday- Agility Drills, Friday-Lower Body Drills. A- Day–All Boys Classes will be on 2- Day Plan.  Tuesday -Upper Body & Thursday -Lower Body. 12/4 thru 12/8 will be Max […]

Weight Training 11/6-11/10

A- Day Classes (Boys) 6th,7th,&8th will be on the 2-Day Program.  Tuesday will be upper Body Focus Stations & Thursday will be Lower Body Focus.  Agilities will be include on Thursday.   B-Day Classes (Girls) 7th & 8th will be finishing Week 2 in Weight Folders.  3-Day Program.  6th Grade will Focus on Upper Body […]

Weight Training 10/16-10/20

A-Day Classes (Boys) will be using Group Folders for the 3 Day Week Workout–7th & 8th Grade.  6th Grade Boys will work upper body Monday, Agilities on Wednesday, & lower body on Friday. B-Day Classes (Girls) will do 2-Day Program.   Upper Body Tuesday & Lower Body Thursday all Grades. Stretching & Interval Running will […]

Weight Training 9/25-9/29

All Boy Classes( A-Day) will be on the 3 Day Workout Plan.   7th & 8th will be working in Weight Folder Week 1 Workout.  6th Grade will be on Upper Body Focus . All Girl Classes ( B-Day) will be on the 2 Day Workout Plan. Tuesday will be Upper Body Stations & Thursday […]

Weight Training 9-5/9-8

Due to 4 day school week, both classes will be on 2 day program.  Tuesday & Wednesday will focus on upper body development exercises while Thursday & Friday will focus on lower body.  The Cardio for the next 2 weeks will be 12 minute fitness walk.  Each class will due 1 minute of sit ups […]

Strength Training 8-28/9-1

Interval Running test will be this week:  All Boy’s classes on Tuesday & All Girls on Wednesday. 7th & 8th Grade Girls will finish 1st Max. Lifts on Monday with all Make ups on Friday. 6th Grade Girls will work upper body with kettle bells & Dumb bells on Monday with completion of proper Bench […]

Strength Training Semester Over View.

Strength Training 2017-2018 1st Semester Focus by Grade level. 8th Grade Classes Boy & Girl Classes will Focus on Core Strength Lifts, Cardio Endurance, Speed & Agility. The 1st 3 weeks will consist of Max. Lifts for Bench Press, Squat & Power Clean.  Cardio will be based upon Interval Running with a Interval Test on […]

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