Mr. Loves' Math Class

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August 9th-10th

Thursday REVIEW DAY Bell ringer- comprehensive problems from all of standards Standard-MGSE6.NS.1 and Standard-MGSE6.NS.2 Review game Friday ASSESSMENT DAY Students will be assessment of Standard-MGSE6.NS.1 and Standard-MGSE6.NS.2 Students will take the assessment independently. Students with IEP accommodations and modifications will be allowed to use them on the assessment. Students who finish early may reassess previous assessments or missed work. […]

August 8th

Wednesday  Standard-MGSE6.NS.2 Bell ringer- review questions from MGSE6.NS.1- dividing fractions in word problems Begin standard MGSE6.NS.2- Dividing multi-digit numbers- with remainders and making remainders into simplified fractions. Go over simplying fractions Instructional planning- Mr. Love and Mr. Woodard will give notes on the process of dividing  multi-digit problems. Once the standard is introduced students will […]

Monday August 6th-7th

Monday and Tuesday worksheets from Bell ringer- prior knowledge problems from todays standard Mr. Love or Mr. Woodard will go over the method from the smart board along with some sample problems. Then the students will practice some problems from their desk on mini dry erase boards. Mr. Love or Mr. Woodard will discuss […]

Aug 13th-17th

UNIT 1                                                            Standard- MGSE6.NS.3 Fluently add, subtract, multiply, and divide multi-digit decimals using the standard algorithm for each operation.     Monday- Adding and subtracting with decimals Bell- Ringer- This is a review of previously taught standards review background knowledge of adding and subtracting decimals   Instructional planning- Mr. Love will be lecturing over […]

August 2nd & 3rd

  Thursday-Friday   Introductions Hand out paperwork  Classroom rules and procedures Students will be assigned a number for classroom use Get to know each other game Syllabus Pre-assessment over unit 1