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For the week of November 27 – December 1

Welcome back!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break!! Monday: DGP/DRP Stems cut and paste activity Unit 7 Timed fluency with partners Lesson: Students will continue working on their Holes packet.  Our goal is to finish the book and packet before Christmas break.  Students will watch a power point over the basics of a 5 paragraph, […]

For the week of November 6-10

Monday: DGP/DRP Stem/Vocabulary Fluency Lesson: Today we will catch up our Holes packet for Chapters 15-20.  We will read 21-25 and if time allows start on Chapters 21-25 in our packet.  I want to be finished before our Christmas break so we can watch the movie and have our Viewing Party!!! Tuesday: DGP/DRP Paragraph of the week […]

For the Week of October 30th – November 3

Monday I will not be at school today.  Students will work on comprehension packets from Readworks.  If they finish early they are to complete unfinished work in their Holes packet. Tuesday DGP/DRP Stems activity 6B Reading Fluency w/me Paragraph of the week/Special Moment Lesson: Students will complete notes from powerpoint on citing textual evidence.  We will complete […]

For the week of October 23-27

Monday DGP/DRP Stem/Vocab Review Noun Quiz Lesson: Students will take fill in the blank notes from Elements of a Story power point.  After notes students will individually complete a worksheet about characters in a story.  If students finish early they will read their Media Center books. Tuesday DGP/DRP Stem/Vocab Review (Test Wednesday) Timed Fluency with […]

For the week of October 16-20

ELA Monday: DGP/DRP Stems/Vocabulary Activity Timed fluency Media Center Day!! We will spend the first half of block in the Media Center, then we will return to class and finish Character in elements of a story. Tuesday DGP/DRP Stems/Vocabulary cut and paste Practice Paragraph Lesson: We will review Author’s Purpose by reading a passage and […]

October 9-13

Monday-Wednesday Fall Break!!!! Thursday Warm Up DGP/DRP Stems/Vocabulary Timed Fluency We will be reading Chapters 10-11 in Holes and continue to work on our packets. Friday Field trip to Berry College

For the week of October 2-6

Monday Warm Up DGP/DRP Lesson: We will play Kahoot to review Unit 5 vocabulary/stems.  Students will do a cut and paste activity with Unit 4 stem words.  If time allows we will read chapter 8 of Holes and work in our packet. Tuesday DGP/DRP Timed Fluency Vocabulary/Stems Unit 5 Lesson: Today we will review Author’s Purpose by reading […]

September 25-29

Monday Warm up DGP/DRP Stem Activity Timed Reading Fluency Lesson: We will begin learning about Author’s Purpose using the PIE’D method.  Students will watch a power point on the PIE’D method and then we will complete a worksheet that goes along with the powerpoint as a class. Tuesday Warm up DGP/DRP Stem Activity Lesson: We […]

For the Week of September 18-22

ELA Monday Warm Up: DGP/DRP Vocabulary/Stems: Cycl, Circ/Circum,Centr/Center Paragraph of the week Lesson: Today students will continue identifying parts of speech with a Kahoot review. We will review nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, interjections, pronouns, and conjunctions. Students will read a sentence and choose the part of speech of the underlined word. Tuesday Warm Up: […]

For the week September 11-15

Monday and Tuesday: Out of school Wednesday: DGP/DRP Timed Fluency Paragraph of the Week Lesson:  Students will play Kahoot! to review Unit 3 vocabulary.  Students will test on the last 5 words in Unit 3: anthropology, etymology, science, conscience, conscientious. After the test students will finish parts of speech foldable. Thursday: DGP/DRP Timed Fluency Media […]

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