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May 21 – 25

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer break!  7th – we will be watching Planet Earth this week which ties together all of the standards we studied this year.  Friday the students will be on team. 8th – weather permitting we will do a physical science scavenger hunt on Mon and on Tues we will […]

May 14 – 18

*7th leaves for their Across Georgia trip on Tues *8th leaves for their Washington DC trip on Weds 7th – Mon we will have the counselor in the classroom, Tues – Fri we will watch Planet Earth; all standards; differentiation methods include technology; assessment strategies include observation; data will be used to determine who needs […]

May 7 – 11

*7th grade has a leaf collection due on Friday the 11th. *8th grade has EOCT on Tues and Weds the 8th and 9th. 7th – Mon we will dissect pigs, Tues, Weds, and Fri we will work on various things reviewing previous life science topics (7-1 goes to UTC on Tues and 7-2 goes to […]

April 30 – May 4

**7th grade has a leaf collection due on May 11.  Do not wait until the last minute to start this project. **8th grade will be going on college field trips this week.  Team 8-1 on Tues and team 8-2 on Thurs to Georgia Northwestern. 7th – Mon we will discuss birds and dissect owl pellets, […]

April 23 – 27

7th – Mon we will discuss the leaf collection (due date is May 11) and go outside to look at leaves, Tues we will discuss fish and work on dichotomous keys, Weds we will discuss amphibians and reptiles, Thurs we will discuss birds, Fri we will dissect owl pellets; S7L1; differentiation methods include visuals, movement, […]

April 16 – 20

GMAS testing is this week.  Tues and Weds are language arts and Thurs is math. 7th grade has the Georgia Highlands College field trip this Friday.  Do not forget to bring a lunch if you opted to bring one from home.  Some of the activities you may get wet or muddy so bring a towel, […]

April 9 – 13

Monday is an in-service day. *8th grade has section questions due on April 11th* 7th – Tues we will be in the lab dealing with seed dispersal, Weds we will be going outside for a plant scavenger hunt and take a plant quiz, Thurs we will begin our look at the animal kingdom, Fri we […]

March 26 – 30

*Spring Break is next week* *8th has sections questions due on April 11* 7th – Mon we will be looking at seed plants, Tues we will be doing a plant adaptations project, Weds we will be discussing plant life cycles, Thurs we will be reviewing for the post evaluation test, Fri we will be taking […]

March 19 -23

*8th has sections questions due on April 11* 7th – Mon and Tues we will be creating a menu containing foods from bacteria, protists, and fungi only, Wed we will discuss the plants kingdom, Thurs will be a review day due to me attending a STEM training, Fri we will be in the lab dissecting […]

March 12 – 16

*8th has their last set of section questions due on April 11* 7th – Mon we will finish count our bacteria colonies and finish the lab report, Tues we will re-assess on the ecology unit, Weds we will discuss fungi and practice reading tables and graphs, Thurs we will be in the lab dealing with […]

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