For the week of May 14th-18th


Washington Trip this week!

Lookouts field trip-Wednesday

Last day to turn in work:  May 18th

Honor’s Day-May 25th, 8:30am


Monday & Tuesday:  Students will complete a project on inventions. This will be the last Standard Mastery grade

Wednesday:  Lookouts trip

Thursday & Friday:  Life skills!  While some students are in Washington, the students at LMS will be participating in some life skill activities.  They will include sewing, cooking, changing tires & oil, balancing checkbooks and photography.

For the week of April 30-May 4th


Several events coming up!

Tusday-Trip to Northwestern, must return signed permission slip, no cost.

Friday-Believer’s Day (Passing all classes on last progress report), no cost, must return signed permission slip

May 16th-Lookouts field trip-Money Due May 11th


Monday:  Students will finish a Earthday project.  It consists of five different steps.  They are completing this in class.

Tuesday:  Trip to Northwestern

Wednesday: Earth Day Project Presentations

Thursday:  College infomation from Mrs. Davenport

Friday:  Believer’s Day

Week of April 23-27


Lookouts field trip, May 16th, $10.  Lunch options:  school sack lunch or bring money for the concession stand.  Criteria-No ISS starting April 23 and cannot be failing 2 or more classes.


*Monday-Last day to review!  We will play Physical Science board games and take the benchmark test.

*Tuesday-Science GMAS-We will celebrate after testing!  Students will have game time.

*Wednesday & Thursday-Earth Day-We will start Earth Day activites by going on a scavenger hunt and competing a choice board.  The choice board will be a standards mastery grade.

*Friday-Students will reaseach a man made environmental disaster.  They will create a “who, what, when, where” presentation in google slides. 

Week of April 16th-20th


Milestones Testing:  Please be on time and bring a snack each day!

Tuesday-Language Arts




This week will continue to review each day.  The graded assignment for the week will be ILX-J.1, K.1, K.2, F.1, F.2, F.5.  This assignment is due Friday.  They will have time in class to work on it each day.

Week of April 9-13


Testing Dates:  A;ril 17th-19th, 24th & 25th



*Monday-Teacher Workday

*Tuesday-Students will finish their group vocabulary tree-map poster for a daily grade.  We will review forces in their Star Book.  They will take the energy assessment using their Star booklet as a resource.

*Wednesday-Electricity-Students will watch a Study Jam video, complete CRCT Coach lesson 9, table rotations for electricity and they will play pictionary for vocabulary.

*Thursday-Magnets-Students will watch a Study Jam Video, cmplete CRCT Coach lesson 10 and complete table rotations from Wednesday.

*Friday-Heat-Stduents will watch a Study Jam on heat.  They will complete CRCT Coach lesson 13 on heat transfer. They will complete heat practice sheets and complete a class activity on white boards.  They will work on USA Test Prep.


For the Week of March 26-30


*Thursday-Activity schedule for “Cool Down” party.  It will cost 20 Rambler bucks. Those who had all A’s and B’s on their last progress report will go to McDonalds.

*Atlanta Field Trip-March 30th-We will leave the school promptly at 7:00am.  Please be here by 6:50am.  Have someone at the school at 5:45pm to pick you up.

*Spring Break:  April 2-6


Monday: Lab-Students will complete an “M&M” lab and finish an assessment on standard S8P2

Tuesday: Students will work in their STAR review booklet on pages 7-8 and complete the practice problems.  They will complete three table rotations on speed and velocity.  They will calculate the speed of a constant veolcity car.

Wednesday: Students will work in their STAR review booklet on page9.  They will complete the table rotations from Tuesday.  We will watch a PowerPoint on graphic. 

Thursday: Students will work in their STAR review booklet on pages 10-11.  They will review all energy types by teaching one to the class.  they will complete a energy transformation handout and complete a set of table rotations on energy.

Friday: Atlanta Field Trip

For the week of March 19th-23rd


Atlanta Field Trip:  March 30th, leaving at 7:30am

Spring Break April 2-6


We have finished our Science Standards and are now starting our review for the GMAS test.  I will spend one week on each standard.

Monday-Vocab. Review-Students will have a competition to write down all the vocabulary words that they remember from this year.  They will complete a review sheet and color code a circle map.  They will complete a diagnostic test.  Each lab group will begin a tree map for vocabulary.

Tuesday-Matter-Students will work on their tree map for 10 minutes.  We will start our “Star Review Books” pages 3-9.  They will complete three table rotations on matter.  IXL online standard E.1 and E.2.  We will end with group flashcards.

Wednesday-Matter-Students will work on their tree map for 10 minutes.  We will start our “Star Review Books” pages 9-13.  They will complete three table rotations on matter.  IXL online standard E.3 and E.4.  We will end with group flashcards.

Thursday-Matter-Students will be assigned an element to research.  They will create an element cube with the information they found.   We will play a game where the students create a human element.

Friday-Motion-Students will work on their tree map for 10 minutes.  We will start our “Star Review Books” pages7-8.  They will complete three table rotations on motion.  IXL online standard E.5 and E.6.  Each lab group will find the speed of a constant velocity car.

For the week of March 12-16


Atlanta field trip balance is due March 16th!


*Monday-Newton’s Laws reviw-Students will create video clips of all the Newton’s Laws.  They will share them with the class.

*Tuesday-Newton’s Laws-Newton’s laws test. Students will look over the requirments and options for the unit project.

*Wednesday-Friday-Students will complete a unit project on Newton’s Laws.  They will have three options to choose from.  Each will require to bring recycled materials from home.

For the week of March 5-9


Atlanta field trip balance due March 16th.


Monday:  Newton’s Laws-Students will take notes, watch a Brain Pop, create a comic strip and participated in inertia activities. We will go over the motion test.

Tuesday- Newton’s 2nd Law-Students will watch you-tube clips, add notes to a graphic organizer, calculate forces and add to their Newton cartoon.

Wednesday-Newton’s 3rd Law-Students will add notest to graphic organizer, complete momementum practice problems and complete their Newton’s cartoon for a daily grade.

Thursday-Lab-Students will rotate around three different lab stations to practice Newton’s Laws.

Friday-Newton’s Review-Students will play a game of marbles and explain how they apply to Newton’s Law.


Week of February 19-23

Winter Break February 19-21


Atlanta Field Trip Balance due April 16th!


*Thursday-Acceleration-Students will calculate their own speed in a “speed challenge” activity.  They will watch a Brain Pop and some You-Tube videos on acceleration, take notes and complete acceleration practice.

*Friday-Math Review-Students will complete a worksheet packet on speed and acceleration (substitute).