Week of December 4-8


*TV Fundraising tickets-Due nex Tuesday!

*Be collecting recycled items for your Christmas Tree ornament.  We need jar lids.

*We will have two standard’s mastery grades before Christmas.  One test and a vocabulary booklet

*Grades go historical December 19th.


Monday:Eyes/Light-Students will watch a Brain Pop and take notes from a PowerPoint.  They will draw a Christmas object and explain how the eye and brain interprets the object.

Tuesday: Sound-Students will continue the interactive PowerPoint and complete guided notes.  They will research “The loudest sound” and “The most creative way to use sounds”.

Wednesday:Ears/Hearing-Students will watch an BrainPop and finish the interactive PowerPint. They will label a diagram of an ear and create a clay model of the ear. 

Thursday: Music-Students will watch several You-Tube videos on creative musical groups. They will use Chrombooks to research different types of musical instruments and complete a graphic organizer. Sound quiz for a daily grade.

Friday: Review-Students will create a mini musical instrument Christmas Tree ornament.


Week of November 13th-17th


*Thank you for a great field trip!

*Thursday-PBIS Hat day-1 Rambler Buck

*Friday-PBIS Popcord day-5 Rambler Bucks


*Monday-Dr. Williams

*Tuesday-Balancing Equations-Students will watch you-tube instructional video and complete several balancing handouts.

*Wednesday-Lab-Students will complete “Sunset in a Bag” and continue practicing Balancing equations.  They will do a practice test on balancing.

*Thursday-Review and Test, Notebook check

*Friday-Students will watch “October Sky”.


Week of November 6-10


*Field trip Friday!  Money is due Wednesday, $8.  Dress warmly.


*****Test over physical and chemical properties/changes on November 16th.  Notebook check Nov. 16th.

Monday:  Lab-Students will complete a lab on physical and chemical properties.

Tuesday: Chemical Reactions-Students will watch video clips of several chemical reactions.  They will complete a foldable for a daily grade.

Wednesday:Chemical Reactions-Students will complete an online webquest for chemical reactions.

Thursday: Counting Atoms-Students will watch a PowerPoint and complete a foldable on conting atoms. They will have a handout and a practice quiz for a daily grade.

Friday: Field Trip


Week of October 30-November 3


*Your student received a permission slip on Thursday for our Cloudland Canyon trip.  The date is November 10th and the cost is $8.


*Monday-States of Matter-Students will watch a class demonstration, complete a Brain Pop worksheet and a foldable with notes.  They will draw the water cycle.

*Tuesday-Halloween-I have several different Halloween labs planned.  It will be a fun day.

*Wednesday-Heat Review-Students will watch a demonstration on heat, take notes in a graphic organizer and complete a practice sheet on heat transfer.  They will draw a Halloween/Fall picture that includes each type of heat transfer.

*Thursday-Review-Students will review the concepts of volume, mass, weight, density and states of matter.  They will complete a set of task cards as a group.

*Friday-Chemical Properties-Students will watch a Study Jam and a PowerPoint on chemical properties.  They will complete a graphic organizer and pick a random object to describe its properties.

Week of October 23-27


Halloween Dance-October 30th, 3:30-5:30 15 Rambler Bucks! (You cannot pay with real money)

Wednesday and Thursday we will participate in a GMAS practice test.



Monday:  Physical Properties: Students will watch an interactive PowerPoint and complete a flip book on weight, mass and volume.  Students will create a picture of our solar system and put how much they weigh on all of the planets. (picture-daily grade)

Tuesday: Physical Properties:  Students will watch a classroom demonstration on coke vs. diet coke.  They will use the interactive PowerPoint to continue work on their flip book.  They will complete an in-class lab on density. (practice sheet-daily grade)

Wednesday:  Physical Properties:  Students will watch a class demonstration on the states of matter.  They will complete a foldable and a drawing of the states of matter. (drawing is a daily grade)

Thursday:  Physical Properties:  LAB DAY-Students will complete a lab on density.

Friday:  Physical Properties:  Heat Review-Students will watch a classroom demonstration, complete a graphic organizer on conduction, convection and radiation.  They will complete a handout on heat transfer.  They will draw a Halloween or Fall picture that includes all methods of heat transfer.

Week of October 16-20


*Progress reports went home last Thursday.  Please sign and return if you have not already.

*Upcoming PBIS activity:  Halloween Party, Oct. 30th, $15 RAMBLER BUCKS 


*Monday:  Compounds-Students will research a list of common compounds and complete a BrainPop quiz. Daily grade on practice sheet.

*Tuesday: Lab Day-Students will complete a lab on mixtures.  It will be a daily grade.

*Wednesday: Review-Students will review elements, mixtures and compounds to prepare for a test.

*Thursday:  Test-Students will have a test on elements, mixtures and compounds.  We will start physical and chemical properties.

*Friday:-Physical Properties-Students will take notes, watch a short video and complete a notebook page on physical properties.

For the week of October 2-6


*Fall Break:  October 9-11


Monday: Periodic Table-Students will color code a periodic table and work in groups to research a family on the periodic table.  Each group will put all class information together to create a class periodic table.

Tuesday: Lab-Students will complete table rotations on the periodic table.

Wednesday:Periodic Table Basics:Students will work in groups to complete a periodic table project. It will be a test grade.

Thursday: Students will finish the lab rotations from Tuesday.

Friday: We will review atoms, elements and the periodic table and test.

For the Week of September 25-30


Homecoming week!

Dress-up days:

Monday: Holiday

Tuesday:Rock and Roll

Wednesday: America

Thursday: Rambler Pride, Tailgate $15 Rambler Bucks, Pep Ralley, Game at 4:30

Friday: Backwards


Monday: Dr. Williams will be in our classroom.

Tuesday: Atoms-The students will watch a video clip, take  and complete handouts on atoms.  They will create a “coloring page” for an atom.

Wednesday: Atoms- Students will complete a graphic organizer while watching a PowerPoint on atoms.  Students will practice determining the number of protons, neutrons and electrons in an element.

Thursday: Atoms-Students will practice drawing atoms and then create a model of an atom.

Friday: Periodic Table-Students will watch a Brain Pop and complete a handout on the periodic table.  They will color and label a periodic table. Studets will create a word from the periodic table and create a poster to hang in the hall.

For the week of September 18-22


*Homecoming week is coming up!  Get your costume’s ready!  Dress-up days are as follows:  Holiday, Rock&Roll, American Pride, Rambler Pride, Backwards

*Homecoming tailgate-September 28th, the cost is $15 RAMBLER BUCKS, the homecoming game will start at 4:30


*Monday-Students will finish their “Google Slide” project on energy types. (standards mastery)

*Tuesday-Energy Types test (standards mastery), In class lab on energy transformations, notebook check (standards mastery)

*Wednesday-Energy Transformations-Students will do a scavenger hunt around the room and do a handout on energy transformations.

*Thursday and Friday-UNIT PROJECT-Students will work in small groups to build a windmill.  They will make it from recycled material they bring from home.  They will be provided a handout with instructions and questions to answer.  (standards mastery)


For the week of September 11-15


*$5 and permission slips for NGA college field trip due Thursday.

*The students who are passing all their classes are eligable for a field trip on Wednesday to the High School to see a play.  The cost is $3.

*Progress reports are due back by Thursday!


*Thursday & Monday (9/18)-Students will complete a google slide project on energy types.  This will be a standards mastery grade.


*Friday-Field trip to NGA College.  We will get home at 5:00!