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Lesson Plan 5/1-5/3

Monday: Students are currently working on a research project in which they research a chosen topic and write a children’s book about that topic. They are continuing to work on research, illustration, and writing the book. Tuesday: Students will go to the library for their last library visit. They will turn in books and take […]

Lesson Plan 4/17

Monday: Bell Ringer: Students list as many pronouns as they can remember from previous pronoun lessons earlier in the year. We will then watch a couple of brain pop review videos about pronouns. Students will then practice identifying the correct pronoun by using exercises in the language network book. Students will then be separated into […]

Lesson Plan 4/13

Thursday: Students will begin class by completing the Thursday section of Article of the Week. It requires the students to write a brief summary of the article. Students will then write their Greek/Latin Roots 2x each in order to help them better memorize the words. We will then continue working on the story element stations […]

Lesson Plan 4/12

Wednesday: Students will begin by completing the Wednesday section of article of the week. They will be answering questions about the article that requires them to cite textual evidence (a skill they need to have for the GMAS) After article of the week, students will read “Scout’s Honor”, a short story from the literature book. […]

Lesson Plans 4/10-4/14

GMAS Review Boot Camp Begins!! Monday: Students will begin class by receiving their new “Article of the Week”. They will complete the Monday activity, which requires them to read through the article a total of 3 times. This will really help them when it comes time to read passages for the Milestones test. Students will […]

Lesson Plans 3/27-3/31

Monday-Friday: This week we will not be doing Article of the Week or Greek/Latin Roots, but the students will have a quick bell ringer to complete when they come in. After the bell ringer, students will resume working on their Persuasive essays. At this point in the process, most students are still working on their […]

Lesson Plan 3/21

Tuesday: Students will begin class by completing the Tuesday section of Article of the week. They will then get back in their groups for the service learning project. They will have a few minutes to put the finishing touches on their project. (mainly 1st and 2nd block. 3rd and 5th blocks still have to finish […]

Lesson Plan 3/20

Monday: Students will begin class by getting their new article of the week and completing Monday’s activity. They will then get their new Greek/Latin roots for the week. They will have a few minutes to look over the words and work on the accompanying worksheet. We will then read the remainder of “Six Million Paper […]

Lesson plan 3/17

Friday: Students will complete the Friday activity for article of the week. They will then have a few minutes to look over their Greek/Latin Roots for the quiz. Students will take the quiz. We will grade the quiz as a class once everyone has finished, so the students will know immediately what they scored. After […]

Wednesday: Students will complete the wednesday section of Article of the week. We will then read a few chapters in “Six Million Paper Clips”. Students and teacher will take turn reading aloud. We will stop to discuss throughout our reading. After the reading, we will watch the corresponding video clips to help the students visualize […]

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