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ELA 5-14 to 5-25

The last two weeks of school are upon us! We will be engaged in the following learning activities and experiences: Narrative writing: Students, utilizing a plot diagram to help them guide their writing, will write a real or imagined narrative experience. They will engage in the editing and revision process, and produce a publishable work. […]

ELA 5-7 to 5-11

We are approaching the end of the year, and that means hands-on activities! This week we will focus on writing a narrative, either real or imagined, and including important narrative elements such as dialog, figurative language, and transition words, as well as making sure our stories make logical sense and that the plot follows a […]

ELA 4-30 to 5-4

MONDAY Students will finish Chapter 3 of Laika and take a quiz over the content. They will then read Chapter 4 and discuss it with their groups and as a class. TUESDAY Students should be finishing up Chapter 4 and engaging in online discussion with their classmates. WEDNESDAY Laika overall test. THURSDAY Mural drawing for […]

ELA 4-22 to 4-26

This week teachers and students alike heave a sigh of collective relief as we reach the final stretch of the school year. We will be finishing up our studies by reading the graphic novel Laika, which is about the first dog in space. MONDAY Introduction to the graphic novel. K/W/L chart about the Russian space […]

ELA 4-16 to 4-20

This week is the big MILESTONES week! We’re going to do just fine everyone, these skills are skills we’ve been practicing all year. And remember: a test is just a picture and not your whole story. MONDAY Library/Test Taking Skills review. TUESDAY ELA Milestones Day 1 After the Milestones are completed we will review reading […]

ELA 6-2 April 10 thru 13th planning

Welcome back from Spring Break, Ramblers! This week we’ll continue to review concepts for the upcoming Milestones exams using our Milestones prep books and IXL exercises to keep our skills fresh.   MONDAY Teacher in-service. TUESDAY Review: Main idea and supporting details. TTW review the main idea and supporting details with the students, including strategies […]

ELA 3-26 to 3-30

This week marks the beginning of intensive preparation and review for the Georgia Milestones. MONDAY Today’s lessons will involve focus on learning to write better answers, understanding questions, evaluating one’s own answers, and a refresher on parts of speech. Students will use print outs from the Milestones workbooks to complete their work. TTW lead a […]

ELA 3-19 to 3-23

The next two weeks will be focused on review for GMAS. MONDAY We received a set of GMAS prep books, so we will be diving into GMAS review and preparation. On Monday we will administer a pre-test so we can specifically target individual student weaknesses. TUESDAY Pre-assessment continues as it is a mini-version of the […]

ELA 3-12 to 3-16

This week students will wrap up revisions on their 5 paragraph essays and publish them to a gallery for other students to review. Students will begin preparing presentations and debate prep, which may involve speaking to their partner and practicing their speeches and producing visual products. MONDAY Students should be wrapping up revisions and publish […]

ELA 2-26 to 3-2

Earlier in the year, students prepared and engaged in a debate over a short story we read as a class. Students were incredibly engaged and enjoyed the discussions immensely! In March, we will have a similar focus: The Great March Debates. Students, in pairs or trios, will choose a topic they can have a great […]

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