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ELA December 4 – 8

MONDAY “Should Schools and Libraries Be Allowed to Ban Books?” writing prompt of the day. Today we will read the essay “Banning Books: An Un-American Act,” by Sarah Daber Littman. Students will identify the places in the essay that are the author’s opinion vs. what the author has supported with evidence. TUESDAY Library day. WEDNESDAY […]

ELA 11-27 to 12-1

MONDAY This week we welcome Ms. Kayla Zettler to our class. Ms. Zettler is our new co-teacher! We will engage in Ms. Zettler’s lesson, and then we will re-read “Amigo Brothers,” a short story about a pair of friends who compete in a boxing match. Students will then pick sides depending on who they think […]

11-13 to 11-17

Monday: We will wrap up our horror narratives. Tuesday: We will read “The Gossiper” and “Betty Ann”. We will be discussing the causes and effects of gossiping and bullying within the stories and explaining how we know. We will complete a chart documenting the causes and effects we find in the stories (ELACC6RI8).   Wednesday […]

ELA 11-6 to 11-10

This week we will be finishing our genre study of horror and move on to a unit that covers the book “Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul,” which is a book of short stories. Most days we will read a short story and then discuss a topic related to our standards addressed in the story. […]

ELA 10-30 to 11-3

This week we will be finishing book report presentations and comparing stories across different types of media. Many students have said they are not familiar with Edgar Allen Poe, the father of modern horror writing, and in light of the Halloween season, we will check out both “The Raven” and “The Tell-Tale Heart.” MONDAY We […]

ELA 10-23 to 10-27

This is the week of our big presentations! Other than Monday, each day will be focused on helping students prepare and practice their presentations in some aspect or another. The presentations will begin on Friday and continue until all students are done. Students will be taught how to fill out a peer evaluation form to […]

ELA Plans 10-16 to 10-20

This week we will attempt to finish our reading and study of Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet, as well as begin dedicated work on the book report due in two weeks. Students will prepare rough drafts of their presentations, receive feedback, revise, and practice delivery of their projects. Students will engage in research into their book’s author […]

10-2 to 10-6

MONDAY We continue our study of Greek and Latin roots lead by Dr. Autry, as well as basic grammar concepts. This week we will wrap up our study of pronouns in general and become more focused on our 6th grade standard of correcting ambiguous pronouns. Today we will work on correcting sentences on the Promethean […]

ELA Lesson Plans 9-25 to 9-30

MONDAY Daily grammar, vocabulary practice with Dr. Autry. We will be focusing our attention on nouns and pronouns this week, as we continue to struggle identifying these parts of speech in our weekly quizzes. The students will be reminded that nouns are persons, places, things, or ideas, and work on various projects that help reinforce […]

9-18 to 9-22

MONDAY This week we will continue our study of the new vocabulary words using Greek and Latin roots (sci, ology, and mem) and use today and tomorrow for make-up work as well as re-teaching and re-testing concepts students have been struggling with. TUESDAY Vocab and grammar with Dr. Autry. We will continue re-teaching and re-testing […]

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