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November 27- December 1

Standards: RL3, RI2, RI4 Instructional Plan:Students will continue to read Chasing Lincoln’s Killer, give a title to each chapter, write character descriptions, answer questions, and complete projects. Assessments: All daily work will count as 20%; tests and quizzes over the book will count as 80%. Students will have a final project over the book which […]

October 24-28

Standards: W1, W2, W7, RL1, RL2, RL3, RL4, RI1 Instructional Plan: Students will continue to work in Frontier. Also, students will be introduced to the book Chasing Lincoln’s Killer. Students will watch video clips, set up a folder, complete vocabulary, read the chapters, complete assignments with each chapter, take quizzes, take tests, and complete projects […]

October 12

Standards: L1, W7, L3 Instructional Plan: Students will work in stations- Dolphin Tale character analysis (create a fake facebook page over one of the characters from the movie, dolphin research (short research project to gain in depth knowledge), and sentence fragments and run-ons (read notes and complete two activities). Assessments: All assignments will count as […]

October 4-6

Standards: W1 Instructional Plan: Students will finish working with a proofreading partner, edit/revise their own essays, and turn them in. Also, students will be watching Dolphin Tale as a closing to the short story unit. Assessment: The argumentative essay final draft will count as standards mastery. The activity that students will complete with Dolphin Tale […]

October 2-3

Standards:W1 Instructional Plan: Students will type their argumentative essays and work with a proofreading partner before submitting. Assessments: The rough draft that students wrote last week counted as a formative. Each day students had a paragraph assigned, and each paragraph counted as 20 points. The final draft that is being typed will be graded for […]

September 14-15

Standards:L1, W1 Instructional Plan: Students will review simple, compound, and complex sentence structures. They will complete a warm-up over the structures as a refresher. Students will continue working on a cloze reading assignment they started on Friday. Also, students will go to the library to check out books. On Friday, students will go over the […]

September 7

Standards:L1 Instructional Plan: Students will review simple and compound sentences before adding complex sentences to their notes. Students will complete a worksheet over S, CD, and CX sentences to check for understanding. Also, students will get the short story project back from The Ransom of Red Chief to go over grades. Assessments: S,CD, CX assignment […]

September 6

Standards: W1, L1 Instructional Plan: Students will review simple and compound sentence structure and complete an assignment for a grade. Students will review what is argumentative writing. They will use a pro/con chart they made yesterday to select one pro or con to write a body paragraph. Assessments:Simple/Compound worksheet will count as a formative. The […]

August 29-30

Standards:RL2 Instructional Plan: Students will continue working on posters that displays the short story elements of “The Ransom of Red Chief”, and they will go to the library. Assessments: The project will count as a standards mastery. Students will check out books, read them, and complete book reports, which will count as a standards mastery. […]

August 25

Standards: RL2 Instructional Plan: Students will finish using vocabulary words from the short story The Ransom of Red Chief in sentences. Also, students will watch the video of the short story and make comparisons of differences from the story in the book and the video. Assessments: Students will have a short story elements test once […]

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