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Week of May 14 – 18

The deadline to turn in any missing work or work on any reassessments is this Friday, May 18. Please take care of anything you need to do ASAP.

Week of May 7 – 11

Monday Notes test and systems quiz tomorrow! Class Summary: -Challenges -Finish Pick 10 from Thursday -Solving Systems/Crime: Whodunit? Tuesday-Wednesday Class Summary: -Challenges -Notes Test -Unit Understandings -Systems Quiz -End of the Year Hexagon Thursday Class Summary: -Challenges: Linguistics & Venn Diagrams -Skill practice -1st and 2nd: 9th grade standards: Polynomials -3rd and 5th: Work on […]

Week of April 30 – May 4

April 30 Class Summary: -Math Minute -Colored Dots System task -#15 in notebook: 12 points page May 1 GNTC Trip May 2 Class Summary: -Math Minute -#15 in notebook: 12 points page (grade) -Systems Coloring Sheet May 3 Class Summary: -Math Minute -Nearpod Systems Work -Pick 10 sheet May 4 Believer’s Day at the Rec […]

Week of April 23 – 27

Monday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Check Friday’s work -Revisit no/many solutions & writing your own system -Practice page w/ partner(s) Tuesday & Wednesday Science GMAS & SS GMAS Class Summary: -Math Minute -Check problems from #12 in notebook -#13 in notebook Section 5.4 pages -Check via ipad -Visual problems Thursday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Systems […]

Week of April 16 – 20

Monday Class Summary: -Milestones Math Minute -Milestone Review: Deal or No Deal Tuesday ELA Section 1 Class Summary: -Milestones Math Minute -Milestone Review game Wednesday ELA Sections 2 & 3 Class Summary: -Countdown Sheet -Writing practice Thursday Math Class Summary: Math Milestone Day, so…..listening and following directions skill work Friday Class Summary: -Math Minute -#11 […]

Week of April 9 – 13

Monday Teacher workday–no school for students Tuesday Class Summary: -Milestones Math Minute -Graph/Transformation Problem -Matching: Word Problem-Equations-Solution -#9 in notebook: Elimination After Sum & Difference -Alternate question formats on the Milestone Test Wednesday Class Summary: -Milestone Math Minute -Graph/Transformation Problem -Text: Try this F together -p.377-78 #3, 11, 15, 16 -Milestone Countdown ticket out Thursday […]

Week of April 2 – 6


Week of March 26 – 30

Monday HW: 3 questions systems WS Class Summary: -Math Minute -USA Test Prep -Trifold Questions -#s of solutions, find the solutions -HW Slide -Website challenge Tuesday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Milestone Review -Parallel/Perpendicular Slopes -Table & Group sort -#7 in notebook Wednesday Class Summary: -Math Minute -USA Test Prep -Questions from yesterday -#8 in notebook: […]

March 19 – 23

Monday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Frequency Tables: answering questions from, interpreting & analyzing, calculating percents, making your own questions from, creating your own -#3 in notebook Tuesday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Check yesterday’s work -#4 in notebook: Frequency Table Practice -Ex 4 problem Wednesday Class Summary: -Math Minute -USA Test Prep -Frequency Tables revisited -Unit […]

Week of March 12 -16

Monday Test tomorrow over graphing! Class Summary: -Math Minute -USA Test Prep review -1st & 2nd: Catch up page from Friday -Notes Test -Unit Understandings -Begin systems graphing page Tuesday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Catch up time: 6 graphs, 2 column match, math lib, graphing haiku (all due Friday) -Scatter plots and line of best […]

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