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Week of December 4 – 8

Monday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Review bones formulas workout procedures -Time to finish BOTH pages 1 & 2 -Partner Play: Equations -Jeopardy Tuesday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Review variable equations -Preview absolute value equations -Cinderella Seal WS -USA Test Prep–Equations -Correct Unit Understandings Wednesday NOTES TEST TOMORROW! Class Summary: -Math Minute -Review absolute value equations […]

Week of November 27 – December 1

Monday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Distributive Property review notes -Graded practice (after consulting with a classmate) -Pick 10 sheet (to be completed in ELT this week) Tuesday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Bluff game rules review -Game (#9 in notebook) -Algebra Four with a twist! Wednesday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Nearpod App Equations Review Thursday QUIZ […]

Week of November 6 – 10

Monday FIELD TRIP FORMS & $8 due WEDNESDAY Class Summary: -Math Minute -Integer rules review -Using integer rules to solve equations -#2 in notebook: Integer Equations -Practice problems with immediate feedback -Photo booth reward (if earned as a class) Tuesday Field trip forms and $8 due TOMORROW! Take home test due MONDAY! -Math Minute -Blocks […]

Week of October 30 – November 3

Monday STUDY PERFECT CUBES! Class Summary: -Math Minute -Rational/Irrational review (trifold responses) -Solving equations with radicals -Other radical operations -Error analysis Tuesday STUDY PERFECT CUBES 3rd and 5th! Class Summary: -Math Minute -Rational/Irrational questions in the multiple choice format -Radicals in review: Foldable, practice -Halloween “Would You Rather?” Wednesday Test Tomorrow! Square roots Class Summary: […]

Week of October 23 – 27

Monday STUDY PERFECT SQUARES! Class Summary: -Math Minute -Classification of objects -Types of Numbers, sorting numbers -Estimating square roots of non-perfect squares -Estimation practice -Brainpop Tuesday STUDY PERFECT SQUARES; Math Minute Style Homework Sheet Class Summary: -Math Minute -Review positive square root as the length of a side of a square -#3 in notebook: Estimating […]

Week of October 16 – 20

Monday Class Summary: -Math Minute -I have… -Math-O game -Maze sheet -Time to finish Friday’s work Tuesday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Whole Group: Concentration game -Complex operations with exponents problems -Website work Wednesday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Notes Test -Finish Maze/Website work/Friday’s work -Work on missing work and/or study for perfect squares test Thursday Class […]

Week of October 9 – 13

Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday FALL BREAK FOR STUDENTS Thursday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Partner Tic-Tac-Toe -Properties of Exponents WS -Find the mismatch -Pick your problem Friday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Make your own problem -Study Guide Sheet (#10 in notebook) -Practice pages w/ partner Assessment Uses: Assessment in Thursday’s lesson is informal through the game and the notebook […]

Week of October 2 – 6

Monday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Ticket In: Scientific Notation -Eames “Powers of Ten” video -Scientific Notation Sort (at seat) -Begin Operations w/ scientific notation (#6 in notebook) Tuesday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Finish operations with scientific notation from yesterday -Scientific notation bingo -Headbands: least to greatest -Senteo: Scientific Notation -Website practice Wednesday Class Summary: -Math […]

Week of September 25 – 29

Monday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Assigned reading -Prime numbers and prime factorization -#1 in notebook -Exponent Challenge! Tuesday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Whole Group Sort -ACE p.11 #1-20 -Ticket Out -Time to work on Exponent Challenge Wednesday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Number charts (#2 in notebook) -Extension into variables -Exponents Senteo Quiz -Ordering least to […]

Week of September 18 – 22

Monday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Similar figures exercise (whole group) -Unit Eggspert Review game -Vocab sheet -Angle classification revisited Tuesday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Similarity/Congruence exercise and practice (#9 in notebook) -Check in on USATest Prep -Learn Alberta website work Wednesday Class Summary: -Math Minute -Pick 6 (complete sentences) -#10 in notebook (practice sheet) -Challenge […]

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