May 14-18, 2018

Monday-Tuesday: Watch the movie National Treasure II; students will view some of the historical references in the movie. We will also see many monuments and places in Washington DC that students who are going to DC will likely visit. 

Wednesday-Friday: We are doing “Kindness Week” on team 8-2. We are watching The Greatest Showman in class and then creating self-portraits that include characteristics or qualities. “This is Me” posters- Students will draw or write something they feel might be a quality that separates them from their peers. On the rest of the body, they will draw or write redeeming qualities that outweigh the “bad”. If a student does not wish to reflect on themselves, they have the option of being an encourager for the other students, helping the other students discover the good qualities in themselves.

April 23-27, 2018

MONDAY: Review for GMAS: USA test prep class party to review for Milestones assessment, Hot Potato using questions from Review Study Guide.

TUESDAY: Science GMAS/ Review for GMAS: Eggspert review game; Students will be broken into teams and will answer review questions on PPT.

WEDNESDAY: Social Studies GMAS/Reapportionment Maps- students will recreate the Georgia map and voting districts based on the number of people in each county.

THURSDAY: SLOs Posttest to check student progress throughout the year, Reapportionment maps.

FRIDAY: Cloudland Canyon field trip; Terrific Test Takers Celebration at 2:00

April 16-20, 2018

Monday: Georgia’s Juvenile Justice System and Local Government

Tuesday: GMAS- ELA Section 1; GMAS Review in class

Wednesday: GMAS-ELA Section 2&3; GMAS Review in class

Thursday: GMAS- Math; GMAS Review in class

Friday: GMAS SS Review

VOCABULARY: separation of powers, checks and balances, constitution of Georgia, preamble, voting requirements, political parties, Georgia state revenue, General Assembly, Committee, how a bill becomes a law, legislative branch, executive branch, judicial branch, governor, lieutenant governor, trial courts, appellate courts, criminal law, civil law, jurisdiction, juvenile court, strong mayor council, weak mayor council, council manager

April 9-13, 2018

Monday: No school

Tuesday: Identify key terms; Separation of Powers graphic organizer

Wednesday: Government revenue notes, posters

Thursday: Judicial Branch notes- explain the difference between criminal and civil law, explain the court system

Friday: Juvenile Justice System letter to a friend and CAUTION sign

March 26-30, 2018

Monday: Basic civic understandings notes and the Citizens and Government worksheet

Tuesday: Legislative branch in Georgia, How a bill becomes a law

Wednesday: Executive Branch notes, Executive and Legislative Branch worksheet

Thursday: Judicial Branch notes, Civil/Criminal Law


March 19-23, 2018

Monday: Maynard Jackson and Andrew Young research and illustration activity

Tuesday: Maynard Jackson and Andrew Young research and illustration activity

Wednesday: Jimmy Carter as State senator, governor, president, and past president

Thursday: The importance of the 1996 Olympics

Friday: Western and Atlantic Railroad Museum in Dalton Field Trip

MARCH 12-16, 2018

Monday: Warm Up; Group Civil Rights posters

Tuesday: Warm Up; Notes, Wrap up Group Civil Rights Posters

Wednesday: Warm Up, Choice board tasks

Thursday: Warm Up, Choice board tasks

Friday: Assessment, Intro Reading assignment to H12, Vocabulary is due today- listed below on last week’s post

March 5-9, 2018

VOCABULARY DUE MARCH 16th: Brown vs. Board of Education, Sibley Commission, sit-in, Martin Luther King, Jr., John Lewis, Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Albany Movement, March on Washington, boycott, Civil Rights Act of 1964, integration, 24th amendment to the Constitution, Voting Rights act of 1965, Lester Maddox. 

Monday: SS8H10 Post-WWII Group Review Assignment

Tuesday: Post-WWII Assessment; Intro Reading Assignment for Civil Rights movement

Wednesday: Civil Rights Movement- Brown vs. Board of Education and 1956 Georgia State Flag

Thursday: Civil Rights movement notes, groups research and posters

Friday: LHS transition field trip; Civil rights movement notes, posters

February 26-March 2, 2018

Monday: WWII Crossword Puzzle Homework Assignment is due; WWII Assessment

Tuesday: Transformation of Agriculture notes, reading assignment and transformation of agriculture map

Wednesday: Atlanta’s Development under William Hartsfield and Ivan Allen, Jr.

Thursday: LHS Guidance Counselors visit

Friday: 1946 Governor’s Race; SS8H10 Group Review Assignment