Solar Eclipse…




All of today’s activities will be enrichment activities that focus on today’s big event. Research, writing, snack prep and viewer assembling will be completed throughout different 8th grade class periods.

Happy Solar Eclipse Day!! 

Welcome Back for the 2017-2018 School Year!!!


Mrs. Millican’s 2017-2018 Schedule:

1st Block: Brooks 8th Grade Georgia Studies

2nd Block: Scoggins 8th Grade ELA 

3rd Block: Rhudy 8th Grade ELA

4th Block: Planning 

5th Block: Ledford 5th Block Georgia Studies 


Please feel free to contact me at 706-638-6440 or email:

May: School is Out for the Summer!!


5/1-5/5/17: Teacher Appreciation Week 

5/4/17: 8th Grade Graduation Gown Signing

FFA Awards Banquet 

5/5/17: Believer’s Day 

5/9/17: Across Georgia Trip & Washington DC Trip

5/19/17: 8th Grade Ceremony and Students’ Last Day 


All You Need is Love…

Upcoming Events: February

2/10/17: Valentine’s Dance 4-6pm

2/20-2/21/17: Presidents’ Day & Inservice Day





January 4th: Students Return

January 16th: MLK, Jr. Holiday


Please remember to be checking your student’s appropriate tab!!!


It’s the Most Wonderful time of the Year…

What To Do:

11/29/16:  Home Varsity Basketball Game & Robotics Meeting

12/1/16: Home Basketball Games, Robotics Meeting & Wrestling Meet 

12/3/16: Dr. Seuss Character Breakfast 


12/5/16: Home V Basketball

12/6/16: Wrestling Away & Robotics MTG 

12/7/16: BETA

12/8/16: V Basketball Home, Robotics Mtg, Wrestling, & Rambler Pride Day

12/10/16: Wrestling at Trion

Christmas Break: 12/19/16-1/3/17



November Updates:


Please continue to use the provided links to access your child’s teacher, class and assignments.

Please feel free to contact me at 706-638-6440 or email:

Mrs. Millican’s New Schedule:

1st: Ms. Scoggins’ 8th Grade ELA

3rd: Mrs. Millican 6th Grade ELA

4th: Mr. Maretich 8th Grade Ga. History

5th: Coach Rhudy’s 8th Grade ELA 



11/21-11/25/16: Thanksgiving Break